Digging Deeper

We are all capable of learning more; capable of ingesting new information to refine, or even change our views.

We are more than just a cog in a great machine.  We are individual contributors and leaders who pour our heart and soul into everything we do.  We work with pride and conviction; driven by being apart of something larger than ourselves.

We spend more time with our coworkers than we do with the ones we love.  While this may be by choice for many, for most it is out of necessity in order to provide for those which we hold dear.

With this sacrifice we strive to make sure our time is well spent; meaningful.  We want to have positive effect on business, society, the world.  It is easy to lose sight of the greater good, the bigger picture, purpose, meaning.  The daily ritual starting with your 6am coffee to the nightly news can lull one into complacency.

Empirical Bias has been created to ask a simple question, Why?

When we can’t explain ‘why’, we need to dig deeper.

Until we understand the ‘why’, we have to continue to challenge the status quo.

We aspire to introduce clarity into the complexity of business by simply asking, why?

Care to join us?