The ‘How’ Slide

You’ve seen it before.  It is in almost every presentation slide deck.  It is generally tucked away toward the end after all the glitz and glamour has been revealed.

It’s the ‘How’ slide.

For the previous 30 minutes, you have seen ‘Utopia’.  Right there in front of you, a real, live unicorn.  They did ‘IT’.  They did the ‘un-doable’.  But How!?!

I will bet you the money in your wallet that the ‘How’ slide contains the following:

  • Business/Leadership/Management support
  • Clearly defined vision, mission, goals, and process
  • The collaboration of all parties working together toward a unified vision
  • Learn from the ‘mistakes’

There it is!  Right there in writing….the ‘path’…the ‘way’…the ‘solution’…but nobody ever talks about this slide at the networking happy hour following the presentation.  The glitz and glamour get all the attention.

Why?  How can the answer be right there, but it is always the same slide in every ‘innovative’ solution?

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